About the Compliance Officer for IPSA

The Compliance Officer for IPSA is an independent statutory office-holder.

We are responsible for investigating complaints regarding MPs' staffing & business costs paid to MPs by IPSA.

About the Compliance Officer

The post of the Compliance Officer was established by the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009 (as amended by the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010) and our duties and powers are defined in the Act.

The role is appointed for a single term of five years. The position is part-time, working two days per week and is supported by an Investigations Officer who is also part-time and performs the role for three days per week. We report to but are not directed by IPSA's Board.

IPSA's Board provides us with funding to carry out our duties.

We are wholly independent of IPSA on a day-to-day basis, but we maintain a necessarily close working relationship.

We also maintain a regular dialogue with the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, the Metropolitan Police and the Serjeant at Arms.

Our remit is defined in statute and is to:

  • conduct an investigation if we have reason to believe an MP may have been paid an amount under the Scheme of MPs' Staffing and Business Costs that should not have been allowed, and

  • at the request of an MP review a decision by IPSA to refuse reimbursement for an expense claim in whole or in part

The Acts governing IPSA and the Compliance Officer for IPSA can be found below:

We conduct investigations and reviews under the Procedures for Investigations by the Compliance Officer for IPSA.

These procedures are provided by IPSA to the Compliance Officer.

Details of consultations held by IPSA relating to these procedures can be found on IPSA's website.

We are not responsible for investigating complaints relating to the registration of financial interests held by MPs, nor the investigation of allegations that MPs have breached the rules set out in the House of Commons Code of Conduct.

For more information on complaints of this nature, please contact the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

The current Compliance Officer for IPSA is Tracy Hawkings.

Tracy served 30 years with the Essex Police, retiring as a Detective Chief Superintendent in March 2017.

Her final role was Head of Crime and Public Protection Command at Essex Police Headquarters, where she led a number of investigative and safeguarding teams linked to the abuse of children and vulnerable adults.

She was also responsible for the proactive management of serious and violent offenders and the proactive police online investigation team.

Prior to this, Tracy was a Detective Superintendent and Head of the Kent and Essex Major Crime Department with responsibility for the investigation of homicides, serious sexual crimes, abductions, kidnaps and extortions. She also headed-up the serious organised and economic crime unit which targeted organised crime groups operating across Kent and Essex

Tracy was in investigative roles for most of her policing career. She was an accredited Senior Investigating Officer, a PIP 4 Officer in overall command of serious and critical incidents and a Force Authorising Officer.

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